Zero-turn Mower is Worth the Price

Zero-turn Mower is Worth the Price

Landowners and professional landscape contractors strive towards producing manicured lawns. The main challenge is not the technique but the machine to use. Lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers are the two primary machines used in the process. Zero-turn mowers are expensive, but this article proves that they are worth their prices.

Perfect Mowing Patterns

A zero-turn mower can turn 180 degrees. This aspect enables it to make perfect mowing patterns in all parts of the lawn. The mower can also turn along the edges which makes it possible to make excellent patterns. Lawn tractors leave uncut stripes of grass where they have to go through multiple passes to cut the scraps. Zero-turn mowers produce professional work and thus they are worth every penny.

Time Reduction

It takes time to mow a lawn, especially when using the wrong machine. Zero-turn mowers can reduce mowing time by up to 50%. The mower has several features that make it possible to mower faster. The first feature is the ability to avoid obstacles at ease. Zero-turn mowers can easily mow around obstacles because of their maneuverability.

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Zero-turn mowers move faster and this aspect makes it mow faster than a typical tractor. An ordinary mowing tractor moves at a 3-4 mph speed while a zero-turn mower moves at a speed of 5-8 mph. This makes it possible for a zero-turn mower to reduce mowing time up to 50% or more. A zero-turn mower does efficient work at a go, and it does not have to move around cutting uncut stripes.

Attachments Flexibility

A zero-turn mower can do more than mowing lawns. It has a feature that enables it to accommodate different types of attachments. One can attach different clippings that can accommodate attachments. This suggests that zero-turn mowers can collect grass, clear snow, or perform various tasks depending on the nature of the attachments. The best part is that these attachments can be attached on the rear side and also front-mounted blades.

Easy to Operate

Zero-turn mowers are easy to operate, especially the driving part. They do not have a steering wheel but it does not mean they are challenging to drive. It takes less than fifteen minutes to know how to drive a zero-turn mower. The concept behind the movement of the mower is pressure behind each lever. An operator should assume that pressure is the same for all levers.

Zero-turn mowers are not equipped with foot-pedal brakes. The speed of the mower is controlled by steering handles. These handles also control the direction of the mower. The amount of pressure applied on the sleeting handles dictates the speed of the mower. A zero-turn mower also has packing brakes.

Internal Features

One aspect which makes zero-turn mowers is the complexity of their inbuilt features. A zero-turn mower has two hydrostatic transmissions instead of one. The mower also has a larger engine which explains its faster movement and strength. Zero-turn mowers have larger decks and sturdier frames compared to a typical lawn tractor. Zero-turn mowers have a long lifespan because they have more steel in their structure.

Cost Saving

Zero-turn mowers are expensive but they are associated with long-term cost saving. Reducing mowing time when using the zero-turn mower minimizes the amount of gas used. This also means that there is a reduction in the cost of maintenance. Time reduction translates to less wear and tear of different parts of the machine.

Zero turn mowers are worth their cost in every aspect. Price is an important consideration when purchasing a lawnmower. However, cost should not be a priority when buying a zero-turn mower because its returns are beyond expectations.

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